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Supplements for Balanced Nutrition

Animal Health Supplements

Kaufman Animal Health

A full line of Kaufman's Animal Health supplements are available ranging from foundational pelleted vitamins, proteins and minerals to blends specifically formulated to address Equine and Canine health concerns. These include formulations to promote digestive, joint, nerve, muscle, hoof, coat and skin health and reduce the stresses associated with gestation and lactation.

Nutraceuticals are an invaluable source of the necessary nutritional intake required for the prevention and treatment of illnesses and disease. It is often necessary to fortify an animal's diet to address existing and potential health issues or to compensate for deficiencies in the readily available feed. Achieving this proper nutritional balance will maintain and enhance the tissues critical to increase health, longevity, production and performance.

Liquid Protein Supplements


We deliver Mol-Mix feed supplement to self-feeding lick tanks or bulk tanks which can be used to add grain or TMR (Total Mixed Ration) Feeding. This is a convenient, economical means of supplementing the dietary requirements of your dairy and beef cattle, sheep or goats.

Made of sweet blackstrap molasses, protein, minerals and vitamins Mol-Mix helps provide optimum utilization of your own homegrown hay and grasses. To learn more about how Mol-Mix enhances the digestive process refer to this Westway Feed Products article for further information.

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